As a Postdoc Fellow at Carnegie Mellon University in HCII, my work seeks to understand how to produce technology-rich learning environments that support collaboration and classroom orchestration through design research. My approach to research underscores the importance of exploring how researchers and stakeholders design educational solutions and how those solutions interact in the classroom to build meaningful relationships and tools that empower teachers and support students’ learning.


More broadly, my research simultaneously uses and studies design-based research to understand how interdisciplinary researchers collaboratively build solutions to challenges in the field. I investigate how people engage in design towards understanding group dynamics and best practices to improve these processes and the resulting final products. Findings from this work bridge the design process and implementation of learning environments, which has important implications to improve this methodology while identifying methods to expand educational designs across disciplines.


Drawing from my examination of the design process, my research also focuses on the development and implementation of supportive technologies for teachers. To do this, I partner with teachers, students, and other stakeholders to co-design effective solutions to support student learning and teacher’s facilitation of classroom interactions in real-time. This work focuses specifically on understanding teachers’ needs to develop solutions for their changing roles in the classroom.


In my work, I integrate methods from design, human-computer interaction, and education to understand how collaborative discourse and learning emerge. My work leverages these methods to embed human-centered design and co-design more deeply when creating learning environments to help researchers design with rather than for teachers and learners.


Design-Based Research

Human-Centered Design

Design Justice

Participatory Design

Interdisciplinary Learning


Supportive Teacher Tools

Educational Technology



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