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The academic job market can be an isolating and anxious time. I share my job application documents from the 2021 - 2022 academic cycle in hopes that sharing examples can  shed some light on a part of the process. 

Research Statement

Teaching Statement 

Diversity Statement 


Design Methods | This document is a growing list of design tools, approaches, methods, toolkits, card decks, and more that can be used to co-design with communities. 

Co-Design How To Guide | This brief guide, provides one approach for organizing, planning, facilitating, and analyzing co-design processes. In the guide I describe my approach and share templates and resources. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 3.36.31 PM.png

Physical prototyping with kids

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 3.38.02 PM.png

Virtual storyboard creation with teachers

Screen Shot 2021-12-14 at 1.31.42 PM.png

Playtesting with teachers and administrators


The co-design resources shared here are not mine alone. I have been creating and iterating on these templates and tools for years based on mentorship and work with countless scholars, mentors, and students at the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, Carnegie Mellon University, and the University of California Irvine, as well as the incredible contributions of community partners across the United States including teachers, industry professionals, and families.

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