Taking an iterative, de-risking approach to research. At each stage of a project, we identify the quickest research methods (e.g., interviews, observations, lo-fi prototypes, or minimal deployments) to get the insights we need to resolve the largest uncertainties. We regularly reflect and re-plan together.

Giving credit where it is due. We credit each other and other researchers/designers appropriately! For instance, this set of principles borrows from CoALA Lab and from the OH Lab @ CMU

Understanding the broader contexts in which we work, and addressing meaningful problems. Many of the issues we study in this lab (e.g., in human-AI interaction, futures of work, and algorithmic justice & fairness) are tied to deep-rooted systemic, societal problems. At times, our expertise in HCI will be best suited towards making meaningful progress on relatively small pieces of these problems. However, we will frequently reflect on how we might more effectively direct our efforts, through new interdisciplinary collaborations, research-practice and community partnerships, or problem reformulation.

Taking care of ourselves and each other. We prioritize getting enough sleep and attending to our mental and physical health, so that we can bring our best selves to our work (see “Lab Counterculture” by Jess Hammer, Alexandra To, & Erica P. Cruz).

Making tacit knowledge visible. We believe that each generation of researchers and designers should work to ensure that the next generation faces fewer unnecessary hurdles than they themselves did. With fewer hurdles in their way, more people will have more opportunities to advance our fields. In line with this belief, we value sharing tacit knowledge with newcomers to the lab, and shining a light on “hidden curricula”.

Supporting students’ goals, whatever those may be. We recognize that students at all levels may have a wide range of career goals. We support each other’s goals and help each other reach them!

Reflecting on our personal and community practices. This set of values will evolve over time. Every lab member can contribute to shaping the kind of lab they want to be a part of, and we will work together to make it happen!


AlLisia Dawkins | Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences, USU | PhD Student 


Reach out if you're interested in joining the group or collaborating! Send an email to Dr. Lawrence at lu [dot] lawrence [at] usu [dot] edu. We're excited to chat with you!